Big Housing: Starrett City and Jamaica Bay
May 4, 2014
Brooklyn, New York
Tides Canada Initiatives Society and the Municipal Arts Society
Tour Leader: Sben Korsh

Starrett City rose from the banks of Jamaica Bay through a string of public subsidies in the 1970s. Recently renamed Spring Creek Towers, the site is still today a dynamic mixture of housing, infrastructure, nature, and streetscape that combined create a powerful place for residents. I lead a tour of the apartment complex, one of the largest in the country, for the yearly Jane's Walk festival. The tour explored the historical sociopolitical landscape that made these buildings possible and investigated their relationship with Jamaica Bay. Starrett City is a cog in the wheel of the distilled memory of Jane Jacob. The project is home to people who live productive and happy lives in building typologies far different than the historic West Village model.

Photo by Mike Lewyn.